Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Tuition Categories (Kindergarten – 8th Grade)

Tuition rates are determined by the pastor and principal for each family based on the following categories:

Participating Catholic: Children who are baptized Catholic and have received their First Eucharist or will before entering Grade 3. The parent(s) are registered parishioner of St. Lucy Parish who actively participate in the life of the parish by attending Mass regularly, supporting St. Lucy Parish by giving through envelopes or online giving. We also encourage parents to share their talents with our Parish community through a ministry they are passionate about.

Non-­Participating Catholic: Children not baptized in the Catholic faith and/or baptized Catholic children of St. Lucy Parish who are not registered or active in a Catholic parish.

Kindergarten – 8th Grade Tuition

$13,700: Catholic (participating)
$16,500: Non-Catholic

Families with multiple children enrolled in grades K-8 receive a tuition discount.
Tuition paid in full by July 1 receives a 2% discount.

Annual Fees

Enrollment Fee: $850 (due upon acceptance)

Little Lightning Pre-K Tuition

The Little Lightning Pre-K program is a five day a week program offering a half-day and full day program.

Half Day Program (8:00am – 12:00pm)

Full Day Program (8:00am – 3:00pm)

Enrollment Fee (due upon acceptance)

Extended Day Care: Pre-K – 8th Grade (Optional)

Extended Day Care (EDC) is available before and after school for all students. EDC provides a place for students to be kids. Students can choose to play in the field, on the play structure or basketball courts or spend time doing homework or reading in the Library.  Whatever they choose, it is a great place to spend their afternoon with their friends and our wonderful EDC staff.

EDC cost is $8 per hour per hour and $4 per half hour.
*Billed monthly according to the hours attended.

Monday – Friday (days school is in session)
Before School: 7:00am-Morning Assembly

After school: Dismissal – 6:00pm

Volunteer Service Hours

One of the top 3 reasons why families love St. Lucy School is because of our community. From volunteering in the classroom, driving on field trips and class celebrations to joining a parent leadership committee, we are in it to support our students and St. Lucy School!

Each family is required to fulfill volunteer hours each year.

Two parent households
40 hours per year

Single parent households
20 hours per year

Scrip Fundraising Program

Scrip is a no-cost fundraising program that offers e-gift cards or physical gift cards for purchase at face value. The school receives a percentage of each purchase as profit. Each family is required to earn $250 in profit/rebates for St. Lucy School by purchasing Scrip, buying out for the full amount, or doing a combination of the two between May 1 and April 30.  Single family households are required to earn $125.

Tuition Assistance

Scholarships and financial aid is available for St. Lucy School families each year. Scholarships are granted by the pastor and principal and financial aid is given through the Private School Aid Service­ (PSAS).

All communication is confidential as families work directly with the principal. To qualify for all tuition assistance, the Private School Aid (PSAS) form must be submitted. Applications are available beginning in December through the school office. A completed tax return and all supporting documentation is required for the application to be considered. All aid is distributed based on the associated need ­based rankings.

After the form is processed, families may qualify for aid from the Diocese of San Jose and/or St. Lucy School.

*NOTE: Families who are new to the school may also apply for the BASIC Fund, which is a privately funded multi­-year scholarship administered in San Francisco. Basic Fund applications are available in December at

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