“Since our founding in 1953, we have been committed to developing a faith­based and integrated academic curriculum focused on nurturing the whole child.”
Welcome to St. Lucy School…
“We are an innovative Catholic school within a thriving parish community.  Our students are engaged learners who benefit from a supportive community of dedicated teachers, parents, grandparents, and alumni who partner in support of their growth.”
Sue Grover
Why parents choose our school:
  • We weave our Catholic values through all we do.
  • We have a welcoming, family-oriented community where opportunities for parent involvement abound.
  • Our highly-qualified and committed staff works together to prepare our students for life.
  • Our top-notch curriculum earned us the maximum term of accreditation in the Spring of 2014.

Tradition and Innovation Since 1953

Faith and Service

Faith and Service

Faith is at the core of preparing students for life. Each year the faculty selects a value-based theme with monthly focus areas, which are integrated throughout the school day. This year’s theme is “Respect is Our Superpower”.

academic excellence

academic excellence

St. Lucy School Faculty and Staff provide a challenging, comprehensive and values-based curriculum. Students are guided to develop an appreciation and joy for learning each day.

welcoming community

welcoming community

St. Lucy School is a vibrant community. Many family activities are offered throughout the year that help keep school spirit high!

  • “We have really enjoyed the "extras" and innovative things St. Lucy's is doing: Junior High electives, integration of technology, Family Groups, live "Walk Through" histories”. -Current Parent

  • “St. Lucy School is an environment that instills a joy and love of learning in the children. My kids look forward to going to school each day. “ Current Parent

  • “My children have loved and thrived at St. Lucy's. The academic standards are high and everyone from the principal to the teachers to the parents are all dedicated to working together to make the school the best it can be. We transferred in and felt welcomed from the moment we set foot in the door.” -Current Parent

  • “St Lucy School prepared me to think critically, solve problems, and work as a team. St. Lucy School is not only a school, but a community of people who care about each other and help others.” - St. Lucy Graduate

    Lucy Graduate
  • “The ongoing message to the students of lending a helping hand, being a friend, never bullying, etc has really helped raise great kids across all the classes. It's a community I love being a part of.” -Current Parent

    being a friend
  • “I am continually amazed at how our families come together each year to support and foster our work as educators committed to the Catholic faith. Thank You!” - St. Lucy School Teacher

    School Teacher
  • “The friendships my daughter has made at St. Lucy, not just her own grade, has made our time at this special school so amazing! Always in my heart St. Lucy will be! ”-Current Parent

  • "Each day our students develop skills for life through faith development, challenging academics, leadership opportunities,and service to others.” - School Administration

  • “We couldn’t be happier at St. Lucy School: High academic and conduct standards, talented and welcoming teachers, an administration with an eye to continuous improvement, and a friendly and supportive parent community!” -Current Parent



Welcome Back Class of 2014!

St. Lucy School congratulates the Class of 2014 on their upcoming High School graduation! We invite students, parents and teachers from the St. Lucy School Class of 2014 to stroll the halls of St. Lucy School, reconnect with old friends and teachers, and take a walk down memory lane. Join us for pizza and cake on Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at 6:30.  

Pre-K Program Extends Hours

We are proud to offer a fully licensed Pre-K program under the state of California, which follows a thorough developmental curriculum of Kindergarten readiness activities.  We have added options to our class schedule! Students participate in a 5 day per week program until noon, and may choose to add an afternoon class until 3 or 5 pm three or five days per week.  Give us a call for more info!

Benefits of Catholic Education

At St. Lucy School, teachers and staff strive to develop the whole student: mind, body, and spirit.  The benefits of a Catholic education have been studied and well-documented.  Results show that students who attend Catholic school receive a challenging, high-quality academic experience in a supportive environment, with an emphasis on Catholic values and high school preparation.  The self-discipline developed by students, along with learning to accept responsibility and to respect others, helps create excellent life-long learners.  
Get the Scoop about SLS!

Get the Scoop about St. Lucy School! Join us for ice cream, meet our teachers and learn more about enrollment at St. Lucy School! We look forward to meeting you! We'll meet at the St. Lucy School playground at 76 Kennedy Avenue, Campbell.  

Connect with us

Save the Chocolate! St. Lucy School Kindergarteners recently worked together in collaborative groups of four to engineer a structure that would keep chocolate from melting at a birthday party. The party was to be at the park where there was no shade. In this “Save the Chocolate” activity, the Kindergarteners tested out design strategies using straws, construction paper, paper plates, index cards, wax paper and tape in the science lab before heading outside in the sun to put their work to the test. They did a great job! All the structures were successful as compared to the uncovered chocolate pieces which all melted in the sun. #handsonlearning #stlucyschoolstream ... See MoreSee Less

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St. Lucy School updated their cover photo. ... See MoreSee Less

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Authors, scientists, artists, athletes and royalty made their way to St. Lucy School this week for the Annual 4th Grade Biography Breakfast! Students, parents and teachers alike love the interactive “meet & greet” presentations. What makes these biography impersonation projects so great is that they not only allow the students to study about a variety of amazing individuals, but they also offer learning opportunities in research, drama, art, and public speaking. ... See MoreSee Less

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We had so much fun last night welcoming families to campus, watching the children play, and giving families “the scoop” about our school! Thanks to all who joined us. If you’re interested in enrollment just give us a call or check our website for more information about our St. Lucy School Pre-K through 8th grade program. www.stlucyschool.org ... See MoreSee Less

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St. Lucy School alumni are a welcome sight on campus! Today we welcomed back a few of our most recent alumni who were doing community service for Bellarmine. They sure have grown since June’s graduation! ... See MoreSee Less

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